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The Aldershot Tattoo was staged at Rushmoor Arena between the first and second world wars. In its day, it was the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world. The tattoo attracted audiences from across the country that travelled to Aldershot by special trains and busses (often travelling home through the night).

The evening performances of the tattoo were staged in June each year to coincide with the Royal Racing Meet at nearby Ascot Racecourse. The tattoo was a society event with Royal patronage. Private boxes offering the best views were available for wealthy visitors. Grandstand seating was available for 50,000 visitors in both covered and uncovered seats.

From the outset, the Aldershot Tattoo was staged in support of Army Charities. Each year the organisers of the tattoo would make the surplus money made by the event available to charities particularly those who support local soldiers and their families.

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